Role of Mistress To be or Not to be.

By: Sambara Moin On: 7:52 PM
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  • Role of Mistress
    Why law of Jane Eyre?

    It's not a headache

    My colleague Irina very often ill: a kidney grip, then a young woman jumps pressure, the migraine suffers. Doctors are at a loss and were advised to strengthen the immune system.

    Her clever grandmother once the correct diagnosis: "You, Ira, I suppose, with a married guy started a novel? That's his wife you and curses. And these words are not in vain. "

    The girl at first waved the words of old woman, said that she understood. And after going to the gynecologist thought: in fact it is clearly Oleg lives with her ​​and his wife. Of course, brings sores from one to another. So the wife can even throw a scandal, a mistress must silently endure all.

    Ira cried and decided: it's better to stay single than to constantly ruin health and treatment.

    Enema for a loved one

    My girlfriend Anastasia in the 25 years came to believe firmly: she needs a husband older, with a good apartment, money, cars and the prospect of becoming wealthy widow.

    Candidate for the post of happy she picked up I do not regret the efforts and determination. Recognize immediately: she had to enter into an intimate relationship with a man not until she met her ideal.

    Paul Arkadevichu was deep under 60 His successful business allows you to have all the things that have soul hungered Nastya. Obstacle in the face of 52-year-old wife Tamara was removed easily and without any financial loss: moving away from the family, the businessman secured the ex-wife of worthy content.

    Flying on the wings of love bankcards Paul Abramovich, Nastia has become a favorite client of the most expensive boutiques. She bathed in the warm seas of the New Year and saw Paris. However, die lucky not collected. Our common friends green with envy, watching Nastya branded clothes.

    But as they say, not all cat carnival. Of course, for their newlywed years very well preserved: smart, no saggy belly and walks in the stretched sweatpants. However, he, like any older person, there were some problems with digestion. Previous spouse, not shrinking, becoming a favorite, sorry, enemas, making it easier to flour. And then - the original drama. No enemas Nastya did not know how to put on the other hand, wild disdain. Cook diet meals it also somehow before marriage was not necessary, and from restaurant meals Paul Abramovich began such pain, irritation and nervousness that of a carefree life was gone. Yes, and the intima had forgotten that what here petting when partner indigestion.

    Because her husband was sick all the time, call "ambulance" every day was unreal. And then the sufferer has called his ex-wife. That, admittedly, was a clever and far-sighted woman: she came on the first call, enemas, and... Pavel Abramovich offered Nastya quiet divorce, explaining that without Tamara (literally) can not live.

    That told me my mother - sobbed divorcee - why do you old man, so I wanted all at once! And - this is not the only one in the passport stamp, but two. "

    A little advice

    Love, of course, I want each of us, and unmarried men are very few. But before you join with zhenatikom in an intimate relationship, ask yourself a simple question: can you personally to endure all the humiliations, without which no cost, no fornication? And whether or not a drop of happiness car trouble?

    What you need to know about sugar and sweets.

    By: Sambara Moin On: 4:28 PM
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  • process of sugar removed
    What is harmful in the sugar and all the other "delicious" and confectionery?

    First, the absorption of refined sugar to spend huge amounts of calcium and vitamin group B. Sugar is the main cause burning of calcium. This is what causes tooth decay. In the use of sugar and sweets increased acid in the mouth, under the influence of which quickly develop bacteria spoiling the tooth enamel. The devastating effects of these microbes begins 20 minutes after receiving the refined sugar. Therefore, it is useless to brush your teeth after a meal, as a meal usually lasts much longer than 20 minutes.

    Second, in the refining process of sugar removed all the mineral salts, as well as it happens with other refining products - flour, rice and cereals. So there is a lack of basic mineral salts and amino acid imbalance in the diet. And this leads to imbalance has not only calcium, but also other trace elements in the body, without which it cannot be digested vitamins that causes a general metabolic disorder. Hence - obesity, diabetes, and many other equally serious diseases (blood, skin, blood vessels, brain, endocrine glands).

    Third, for the assimilation of inorganic sugar the body needs a lot of vitamins, the lack of which leads to nervous diseases and polyneuritis, and even mental illness.

    It would seem not eat sugar, and all!

    However, with all that sugar necessary for the organism. Moreover, the human body without sugar could not function.
    There are some categories of "goodies" that are designed to satisfy the human need for sweet, but it is harmless, and sometimes even useful.

    - Honey a multicomponent natural product. In addition to simple sugars, glucose and fructose in honey contain fruit acids, mineral salts, essential oils, amino acids, and other elements that confer its healing power. Eating honey should not forget about the measure and that all of these useful components do not touch it artificially created counterpart.
    - Fresh fruits, dried fruits, berries, nuts, carob......
    Their usefulness to the body has never been questioned. All this can have individually do natural candy and so forth.

    The conclusion that a reasonable person should make one: if you want to be healthy, stop is inorganic, refined, artificial sweetness, and just eats sweets that gave Mother Nature.

    9 Motivational Habits.

    By: Sambara Moin On: 4:20 PM
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  • motivational habits
    1. Early rise.
    All successful people are the early birds, something special and magichekoe there early rise, this part of the day, even when the world does not wake up - the most important and inspiring. Those who get up before dawn, the sun, say that their life has become full. Try it and you get up early, and after a month or two you'll be a pity to remember those years when Dawn met in bed.

    2 Hobbies reading
    If a day to replace an hour of sitting in front of the TV or computer to read useful and interesting book, you will become the smartest man of his environment. You'll quickly find answers to the questions you will be more interesting to chat; much will turn on it’s own.
    As Mark Twain said:
    A man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read."

    3 Ability upraschaet
    Simplification - is to eliminate unnecessary and unhelpful. You must be able to simplify everything that can and should be simplified, Even though it requires long practice, as a result of a positive result. Clears the memory and feelings, you are less worried and nervous. What will your life easier, the more you will be able to enjoy it.

    4 Slow
    Enjoy life in constant stress and chaos is not possible. Find yourself a quiet time, stop, listen to yourself and your inner voice. Pay attention to everything that matters to you. Make it a habit to wake up early, when there is silence, to meditate, to think, to create. Slow pace of life, and then all, for what you were chasing, self catches up with you.

    5 Train
    Regular activity keeps health. If you do not have time to workout, sooner or later you will still begin to do them, to maintain their health. Sports can be practices not only in gyms, but also at home.

    6 Daily Practices
    The more a person is practices, the more successful it becomes. After all, good luck - this is the place where the practice is found with the possibilities. Without practice it is impossible to express their talent. With practice, you'll always be ready to take the opportunity to show their talent.

    7 Setting
    It is this habit can accelerate your success. Surround yourself with positive, energetic people. They - the best support, motivation tips. In the hours of depression find your friends able to take you up on your feet.

    8 Keep a journal helpful
    It is a habit that can work wonders. Give thanks for all that you have, and strive for the best. Gratitude generates new reasons for joy. Before going to sleep write one thing for which you are grateful. Miracles do not keep you waiting!

    9 Be resistant
    Edison made 10,000 failed attempts before to invent the electric light bulb. Walt Disney to base Disneyland had to listen to 303 different banks from failure, before he achieved the desired. 134 publisher rejected the book J. Cranfield and Mark V. Hansen, "Chicken Soup for the Soul", before she became an international best-seller. Feel the pattern? If you want to achieve the desired, be tenacious and do not give up!

    Without Greatness France cannot be France.

    By: Sambara Moin On: 5:54 PM
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  • Some French customs that I find wonderful but strange are:
    FAIRE LA BISE!!! The double-kiss on the two cheeks. I overlook this far more than everything, simply because in the 12 months that I spent in France I kissed much more lovely females this way than I ever did before or since. You kiss everybody you meet, and if you kiss somebody as if leaving, but then still cling out at the party, it is quite impolite. These days done mainly woman-to-girl or female-to-male, but older generations also practice it man-to-gentleman, with no sexual meaning at all.

    TOP 25 Most Popular Beauty Secrets.

    By: Sambara Moin On: 2:36 AM
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  • British specialists interviewed 2000 counterparts to find out what strategies and elegance recipes they think about the most-most , and what actually operates. Want to discover out the primary beauty strategies of contemporary British girls ?

    1. Use on pimples toothpaste, so they speedily disappeared .

    2 . If your hair is dirty and there is no time to wash , it will aid talc or infant powder deposited on the hair. It acts as a dry shampoo .

    3 . For organic blush adequate to pinch his cheeks .

    four . Shaving legs successfully with hair conditioner .

    five . Self-made highlights you can do with lemon juice.

    six. Nail polish is best stored in the refrigerator.

    seven. To groomed eyebrows can use Vaseline .

    eight. For fragrance hair comb sprinkle perfume.

    9. To reduce puffiness underneath the eyes - applying a cold spoon ( spoon pre ideal put in the fridge ) .

    10 . Damaged nails repaired tremendous- glue , do not lower off or pluck them).

    eleven. Straighten Curly Hair Vaseline aids .

    12. Include the sugar to the liquid soap to get the effect of ex foliation.

    13. To make the hair shiny , use a crushed egg , then rinse ( Rinse with great h2o must only !) .

    14. To eliminate traces of tanning with palms , you can put on them whitening toothpaste, tanning traces vanish.

    fifteen. Drops of serum for the pores and skin to insert concealer , then the skin will glow .

    sixteen. Clock manner cold air can be directed to the eyelashes , just coated in ink to the ink has dried up more quickly .

    17. Should snooze on a silk pillowcase to reduce wrinkles .

    18. Tomato ketchup must be applied to dyed hair , to avoid discolouration .

    19. Drop primrose oil can mend a pimple for every evening.

    twenty. Minimize redness support antihistamines .

    21. Cranberry juice boosts shine and boosts their colour.

    22. To lip gloss lips increased , insert the peppermint oil .

    23. Home-made whitening facial hair completed the pursuing composition : brewer's yeast + water .

    24. " Smoky eye " can make common soot deposited brush for make-up.

    twenty five. Hair styling and texturing spray can sprinkle them from the typical lemonade.